US Land Investment

U.S. land investment is a great way to save your money and put it to work for you at the same time. When you buy a land parcel, you can build a home or wait for it to appreciate in value and then resell the land. At, you can purchase investment land without needing a large down payment.

While many lenders require up to a 20 percent down payment to secure a loan, our land parcels are available through an auction format. You bid on the amount of the down payment, and the largest bid wins. You can then pay off the remaining balance over 20 years at 12 percent simple interest.

Unlike many lenders, we charge no penalty for paying off the loan on your U.S. land investment in advance. To the contrary, we give you a discount of ten percent for any cash payments. In the meantime, should another investment opportunity with us present itself before you have finished paying off your loan and you wish to change your property, we'll apply your payments to the second property at no extra charge.

If you have always dreamed of getting away from the noise and pollution of the city, makes this an affordable investment opportunity. We have land for sale in new developments along creeks and rivers in Missouri and Montana, parcels with mountain views in Colorado, and rolling hills and valleys in Tennessee and Kentucky. Don't let your credit history stop you from buying land and building the home that you've always makes it possible for you to invest in land today!

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