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If you're part of the Baby Boomer generation (which is approaching retirement age), you have the option of remaining in the city where you have worked or moving somewhere quieter so that you can relax and enjoy some natural beauty and a slower pace of life. One option that you should consider is purchasing plots of land for sale and building a custom home. At, the plots for sale can be purchased by anyone, regardless of credit history and financial status.

Worried about securing a loan from a bank for the purchase of a retirement or vacation home? Our plots for sale are sold in an auction format, but you do not need to bid for the full value of the land. You bid on the down payment of the home, and are then responsible for paying off the remaining balance over 20 years at 12 percent simple interest.

You can bid as little as $300 and own a plot of land in the mountains of Colorado or along a creek in Montana or Missouri. Unlike some loan programs, there is no penalty for paying back the loan before it is due. In fact, we'll give you a ten percent discount for cash at any time.

Worried about bidding and then finding a plot for sale that you like more? We won't hold you to a particular plot of land. Instead, we'll apply whatever you have paid already to the new parcel of land that you want to purchase. As a vacation home for your family, an investment opportunity, or a home for your retirement, plots for sale at are available in several states where you can enjoy the natural beauty of your surroundings.

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