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Have you added your name to a land buyers' list to try to find an investment opportunity or a new piece of land on which to build a home? While your name may sit on a land buyers' list that is occasionally perused by land owners, you can take a more active approach to finding a land parcel in which to invest. At, we list many of the most valuable pieces of real estate in several states such as Kentucky, Tennessee, Colorado, and Missouri.

We make it possible for anyone to purchase land, regardless of financial history or credit rating. Rather than requiring a particular down payment, we sell our land through auctions in which you bid on the down payment--not the full value of the land. For a low down payment, you can win the auction and then pay off the remaining value of the land over a 20 year period.

While many buyers have trouble finding finances for their home purchase, we make it easy for you. Until the balance is paid off, you pay 12 percent simple interest. There's no prepayment penalty, so you can pay off the balance as soon as you'd like. If you want to choose a different piece of land, we'll apply your payments to it with no penalties.

Whether you want to hold onto the land as an investment or retire in a rural area away from the city, you'll find several opportunities at From the rolling bluegrass hills in Kentucky to the mountain views of Colorado, the land will retain its value for years to come. If you've always wanted your own retreat, makes it easy for you to make that dream a reality.

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