Acreage Auctions

If you've lived in the city or the suburbs, owning acres of land may have been something that you dreamed about as a possibility for your retirement, or a fantasy of what you would do if you had extra disposable income. Through acreage auctions, however, there is no reason not to purchase acres of rolling terrain in some of the most beautiful parts of the country. At, we maintain listings of acreage auctions that we operate through our website and on popular auction sites.

We have large parcels of land in several states such as Kentucky and Missouri where population isn't densely packed and natural beauty is undisturbed. If you enjoy warmer climates and the old West, you may want to check out the land that we have for auction in Texas. Those looking for spectacular natural beauty will find it under the night sky with mountain views in Colorado or along a creek in Montana--and these are just some of the states in which we have acreage auctions!

The land that we have for acreage auctions is situated in rural parts of the country. While the quiet countryside is not what everyone is looking for, many find this to be part of the allure of buying these parcels. You can build any style of home that you like, including a log cabin or adobe home, and power it with alternative sources of power such as solar energy.

If you've thought about owning a piece of land that you can retreat to during your time off or when you retire, acreage auctions let you get started on that vision today. At, you simply bid the amount that you are able to put down for a down payment. You can pay off the remaining balance over time, or as early as you want. For as little as $300 down, you can win an acreage auction and start planning for your future today!

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